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Guana Conservation Educational Center

Guana Conservation Educational Center


This was a renovation of the existing original Oar House Restaurant and two new attached buildings. The renovation included a new community and education room. The larger new structure was for the formal educational center with displays and office spaces. Also included was a kayak and canoe rental facility to create revenue for the North Florida Land Trust. A new opening was cut into Guana Lake for the surface water access. The remaining property included an interactive athletic and educational course.


This project was conceived with the assistance of the UNF education program with students providing input and assisting with the program, site planning and environmental studies. The new facilities were designed to follow the Florida vernacular style with metal roofs, wrap around porches and local materials.

Project Information:

Project Scope:

New Construction and Renovation of the Original Oar House Restaurant


Final Construction Cost:




8,000 sf


Date of Completion:

Spring 2012


Role in Project:


Interior Design

Services Provided:

Conceptual Design


Design Development

Plans & Specifications

Elevation Renderings

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