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Interfaith Chapel – Design Competition

The chapel expresses openness and translucence with a strong sense of protection overhead. The structure is a flowing combination of concrete, angular panels and translucent glass with an axis facing due north. Symbolism can be found throughout the site and structure but not overtly expressed. The chapel is meant to serve any belief and where one can go to find connection to their own faith.


It is positioned on a raised plinth much like on a table for all to observe and become familiar. The position and height will allow it to become a reference on the UNF campus. Hints of views from Kernan Blvd and Alumni Dr. can be seen through some minimal tree clearing and improvement of the park and around the lake with a proposed walking path.


The chapel is open to the sky for the connection to above as the concrete panels peel back to allow light inside the space. Layers of concrete panels and glass interact in contrast with one another. The main level is unobstructed with 360 degree views. The main platform is on axis with the entry door that has been raised up high and frame thickened to express a true threshold that is to be crossed. Secondary small Chapels are included at the east and west corners and are sunken into the floor with focus on the natural views.


Project Information:


Project Scope:

Design Competition


Final Construction Cost:






Date of Completion:

Unbuilt - Competition

Services Provided:

Conceptual Design


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