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KIPP Charter School - Phase I,II,& III

Originally built as the Jacksonville Kennel Club Dog Track in the early 1970’s, this facility was over 145,000sf of undocumented re-constructed spaces. Once documented, we began the planning exercises for each floor phased over time. This was a unique project where we were renovating two floors above the occupied floor that included over a dozen classrooms, the cafeteria, and the central administration offices. The design of the project had to be carefully orchestrated with the project schedule. Careful planning and consideration of both plan and section enabled us to maximize a highly specialized building and convert it into a functional school.


Phase I included 14 classrooms, administration offices and a 600-seat cafeteria with food service and prep area.


Phase II provided 27 additional classrooms, a 400-seat auditorium and music practice room. The scope of work included the build-out of the second and third floors of the existing building. A new gymnasium was completed in April of 2014. The 4th floor expansion of the KIPP Middle School, Phase III provides the school with 8 additional classrooms, computer lab, science lab, music room, conference rooms and support spaces and was completed in November 2015.

Project Information:




Final Construction Cost:

Phase I - $3,800,000

Phase II - $4,000,000

Phase III - $2,500,000


Date of Completion:

Phase I - 2009

Phase II –2010

Phase III –2015


Role in Project:

Architecture & Interior Design Services

Services Provided:

Conceptual Design

Master Planning


Plans & Specifications

Cost Estimating

Elevation Renderings

Construction Documents

Bidding / Negotiation

Construction Administration

Project/Permit Certifications

Substantial & Final Completion


Additional Projects Completed for the KIPP School:

Cafeteria Serving Line Improvements – 2013

New Gymnasium - 2014

Lobby Renovvation and expansion - 2014

Cafeteria KitchenExpansion and Improvements - 2014

KIPP Playgrounds - 2015

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