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Ponte Vedra Inn & Club

Ponte Vedra Inn & Club

The main buildings are located on a 34 acre parcel along the ocean front. Starting in 1998 Mike Koppenhafer provided master planning for the property (while at RRDF). The resort was programmed to receive a 5-Diamond AAA rating. Included in the scope that continues to this day, was the design of the Main Inn, parking garage, golf clubhouse, fitness center, tennis clubhouse and spa. Many systems were integrated into the campus and all of it was buried to enhance visual aesthetic. This was a very complex building program with multiple phases in design and construction. The connection of the services, chilled water, power, telecommunications, water and sewer were designed into each phase. This was a complex project working around existing resort operations. Renovations at the Inn & Club have been on-going for over 15 years with multiple phases. Each phase must be completed during the “off season” and must keep the surrounding amenities open and undisturbed at all times.

Projects Include:

Island House Cottages

Ocean House Renovations

2004 – Phase VI

Entry Gateways/Blvd. Landscaping

New Racquet Club

2006 – Phase VII

New Spa Building

Peyton House Renovations

2007 - Phase VIII

Beach House Renovations

2009 – Mechanical Upgrades

2012 – Florida House Renovations

2012 – Georgia House Renovations

2012 – Beach Front Courtyard

2014 – Ocean House Renovations

2014 – Peyton House Renovations

2014 – PVIC Bar Expansion

2015 – PVIC High Tides Bar

St. Johns House Renovations

2003 – Phase V*

Multi-Phased Implementation has included:

1998 – Master Planning

1999 – Phase I*

250 Car-Parking Structure

Club Golf House Renovation & Addition

New Ellipse & Landscaping

2000- Phase II*

New Administration Building

2001- Phase III*

New Main Inn including Retail & Main Lobby

Central Fountain & Entry Landscape

Historic Inn Renovations

Surf Club Renovations

New Fitness Center

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