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UNF Student Housing – Phase III-V

*Individual Experience at Previous Firm

Six new buildings totaling 269,000sf with over 900 beds were added to the campus. The site was master planned for a new articulated entry spine leading to the main courtyard at the center of the housing buildings. Each building has its own courtyard.

Project Information:

Project Scope:

New Construction


Construction Cost:

Phase III & IV –$14,507,000

Phase IV - $11,359,247



Phase III & IV – 269,000sf

Phase V - 269,000sf

Completion Date:

Phase III – 1995

Phase IV - 1998

Phase V – 2001


Services Provided:

Conceptual Design

Master Planning


Plans & Specifications

Elevation Renderings

Construction Documents

Construction Administration

Project/Permit Certifications

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