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Julington Creek Retail Center

Julington Creek Retail Center

Phase I of this development includes a new “Fresh Market” as the anchor tenant of this one-story retail center with a contemporary feel. The building has a layered façade with a combination of metal roofs, fabric awnings and trellis materials to break up the elevation into more unique and visually appealing storefronts.

Phase II will include additional retail stores and a new 32,000sf fitness center. A 100 room hotel will be located along the river.

Project Information:

Project Scope:

New Construction



Phase I - 36,000 s.f.

Phase II - 44,000 s.f.


Final Construction Cost:

Phase I - $7,700,000

Phase II - $4,000,000


Date of Completion:

Phase I - 2008

Phase II - TBD


Role in Project:

Architecture & Interior Design Services

Services Provided:

Conceptual Design

Master Planning


Plans & Specifications

Elevation Renderings

Construction Documents

Construction Administration

Cost EstimatingMeetings

Preparation of Change Orders

Project/Permit Certifications

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